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Promozombies LLC is made up of multiple music promotion websites each one specializing in specific forms of music marketing. From Spotify promotion services to blog placement and more!

About Us

Promozombies is not just your average music promotion company for the aspiring artist. Besides the fact that some of our employees are professional award winning promoters and industry visionaries, we actually care about the quality of the work we do. We care about each one of our clients careers, dreams and goals. Our job here at Promozombies is to make sure our clients are satisfied […]

Music promotion services offers high quality yet affordable music promotion and music marketing services for musicians seeking assistance in taking their careers to the next level. We created a company that allows artists the ability to purchase music promotion services that focus on multiple areas of music promotion. We are serious about helping our musician clients reach their goals and so we made it our goal to […]

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns just drop us an email here and one of our zombies, oops we mean people, will get back to you as soon as possible!  For faster response email:  PROMOZOMBIES@GMAIL.COM  or  SALES@PROMOZOMBIES.COM

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