About Us

Promozombies is not just your average music promotion company for the aspiring artist. Besides the fact that some of our employees are professional award winning promoters and industry visionaries, we actually care about the quality of the work we do. We care about each one of our clients careers, dreams and goals. Our job here at Promozombies is to make sure our clients are satisfied even if it means going above and beyond to meet their needs. From online music promotion such as blog placement, Spotify promotion services and much more, we go the extra mile to make sure services are delivered in a timely manner with high quality results. Make promozombies.com your one stop shop for all of your music promotion needs! Contact us for any questions or concerns as we also offer top notch customer support! 

What are we most known for?

That’s an easy answer; OUR STREAMING PROMOTIONS! We are the ONLY company that is able to deliver up to 1 million streams (33 million streams total per month) from 100% premium and REAL accounts with delivery proof provided via official soundscan reports! 


Answer to our most frequently asked question; WHY DON’T WE USE PAY PAL?

The answer to that question is straight forward, fraud is why we do not use pay pal. After dealing with many dishonest buyers, we switched our payment processor from pay pal to stripe. Below is a screenshot of what happens now when buyers attempt to scam our company. Unfortunately, pay pal does not offer us this state of the art protection against dishonest buyers. 




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